Posted by: World Wide Open Mind | 21/05/2011

Back to School – Home Schooling on Boats

It’s back to school time, a season of excitement and stress for parents and children alike. For some children, however, school isn’t a production-line affair conducted en masse.  For sailing children, school is interesting, exciting, and absorbing; it is connected to real life and fills the world around them. These children, learning aboard their floating homes, enjoy the kind of rounded, relevant education that many of their peers can only dream of. Parents contemplating bringing their families to sea for a portion of their schooling years have no reason to delay the family adventure of a lifetime. Home schooling on a boat isn’t always easy, but it needn’t be difficult or stressful. With good preparation and an open mind – the same qualities needed for cruising – you can give your child a solid education, not to mention lasting impressions they will carry for a lifetime. The world is your classroom! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how exactly does that alluring thought become reality? How can you channel the world around you into a focused educational force that helps to develop your child’s literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving skills? How do you fit it all into a day of three hour watches, sail changes, and meal preparation, all on a rocking platform about 40 feet long?…….read more  Extract from

As I get into our education blog and researching for education for our kids I am getting restless to get out there… ah money money .. and time to get the boat done.. most of all …. I have started a book called Must Have by Geoffrey Miller topics he brings up hold many thoughts I live with day to day .. and the more I think about these things the more I want to get my kids into ‘real’ life… the ‘real’ world… well at least what I consider real…


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