Posted by: World Wide Open Mind | 04/05/2011

The Mind Is Willing..

The Mind is Willing… Getting Kwela sorted is never far from our mind nor the talk on our lips.. We would love to leave the following December – 2013.. I really hope we can make it! Most weekends we are down at the boat but it is not an easy task getting anything done. Khai loves to fish and is doing well … and so .. needs the fish unhooked from time to time, like every 20 min.. He is 4 and can do everything in regard to his fishing missions except unhook is fish.. Arix our 11 week old boy is a ‘pick-me-up’ child .. and I guess we could not expect much less from a baby baby. So in between the breastfeeding and the fish freeing we are trying to do what we can to continue forward in our quest to set sail into the deep blue to discover and explore the world beyond Simonstown. Although we have done so much on our little Kwela there is so much more to do.. The tasks on the table at the moment are: Finishing electrics.. I have built a complete new electric panel fuses and all but have still to solder most of the wires to the back of the board. I would like to add some extra lights in the main saloon or lounge and kitchen areaaccept my apology and excuse my terminology to any true blue sailors out there who take offense to my lack of yachtie terminology… for we are not yachies but discoverers who wish to use the wind to find distant shores and see the world. I find myself more comfortable with the terms that do not hold to traditions – and there are still many electric instruments to be wired as well as pumps. I have been trying to connect a shower and sink electric-pump but with the help from Derek from Yacht Coracle have decided to simply install a manual pump. Sometimes you can not see the wood for the trees.. it is always good to share your thoughts and frustrations .. so often we get caught up in a tight mind space and need a little help to get out of the box. Nico has been on a mission to finish off the engine room and sound proof it. It is amazing how slowly things get done now that we have 2 kids on-board. We have had to resign ourselves to the fact that we can just do what we can do.. and not put pressure on ourselves as we do not want this exciting preparation to become the bane of our lives, we have also decided that we will make the mission to get at least one surf in a weekend so that we can all be at some kind of a level by the time we leave.. surf in winter and kite in summer .. we will just have to go when we are ready.. But our max max max time frame will be 3 years from now! I guess things will get a little easier as Arix gets a bit older and can bounce around, hanging from the hatches in his jolly jumper. Nico and I often gasp and laugh at how we managed with Khai aboard Kwela in 2008. Khai was 1 years old.. we had basically stripped Kwela down.. the boat was a crazy mess.. no water, no toilet.. just rough and bare… ROUGH! Kwela was moored at Port Owen Yacht Club – our experiences of Port Owen Yacht Club will have to be expressed in a post of its own – Post to follow… If we did it then we can do it now!! So on we go pushing forward toward our dream to sail and educate our boys around the world.



  1. You are yachties! Don’t let anyone try to take that away from you:) It’s great knowing that there’s another family out there getting ready to set sail too, and I love that we both seem to have chosen Montessori as well! I look forward to following your progress. I wish we has a boat we were working on. I’m always looking but we’re not ready to buy yet. Hugs from across the ocean.

  2. Tx for comment! Yes .. We will realise the dream.. keep stepping forward .. just step step step…check out that is where our home education mission blog is..
    catch you here and there .. dream dream dream

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