Posted by: World Wide Open Mind | 14/04/2011

Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces


It has been a long 11 months past, waiting for our little Arix to be born… but well worth the staggering effort to pull through. Having made some changes to Kwela we feel that the worst of the work is done and the messiest! Now we begin with the final touches and finishing work. There is still so much to learn and do and time seems so short but we will get there!
Malakhai has grown up so much in the last few months and so has become a little man running around False Bay Yacht Club enjoying the environment and time with other kids.. We are allowing him to play without us watching every move with the agreement that he is always in his life jacket… this is a good habit as when we are sailing this will be a rule not to be deviated from! Khai has taken up fishing in a big way and is pretty self-reliant, only needing help to remove the countless fish he catches. The un-wavering excitement is a delight to behold. Khai has taken up surfing with great enthusiasm which delights our hearts to no end.. it is beautiful to see the joy as he rides the waves on his little board. This weekend he starts with his first official surf lesson.. STOKED! ..Next… Kite surfing.. maybe an into next summer! This summer has been a summer of the worst wind in 47 years!! eeeekkkk not really fun, even for avid kite surfing fans!! nor a great advocate for prospects of living aboard .. with the consolation of many long-term cruisers running from the Cape wind with comments of extreme distaste for the relentless weeks upon weeks of wind… It is for this reason that we have moved off of Kwela for some months as with our new little Arix – 8 weeks old – the weather conditions are too much to deal with. Work on Kwela has commenced again on weekends, we have decided not to put pressure on ourselves and we simply enjoy our weekends taking turns doing a thing here and a thing there .. it is not easy with a new-born but if we diligently apply ourselves piece by piece we will get there.. We have started to look seriously at how we plan to home school and are collecting resources and thinking hard about our views on the education systems out there and the way in which we plan to educate our sons.. it is an exciting and daunting journey that is in the beginning stages but that needs much mental preparation. You can follow our home-schooling journey on 
World Wide Open Mind  This Blog hold all our views and thoughts as well as resources and our plans unfolding as we go along.. We plan to start another blog soon that educates on matters of climate and environmental awareness.. This will be a blog inspired by Nico ,who is aClimatologist currently working at the CSIR here in Rosebank, Cape Town, to offer information on climate and environment aimed at being an educational tool for the general public backed up by a more comprehensive scientific blog for those with the mind for such things….


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