Posted by: World Wide Open Mind | 11/11/2010

We Going To Miss IZA


Time has passed and summer has come… it is nearly lime to Iza to be off… 1 Dec… don’t have the heart to tell Khai Nina is not coming back from her “holiday”… but how lucky we are to have met them and have the hope to catch up in 2 years time.. who knows…. 

That is the life of cruising …. we come .. they go … they come.. we go .. we all come and go … but the beauty of it leaves us with special times .. beautiful memories .. and the ability to meet people we would never meet in the corners of suburbia behind our curtains… between lawn mowing and window cleaning….
It has been awesome to have known them and may the oceans lead us to cross paths again… and share a wave.. or dive a reef together…

So having been off the boat for 3 months … getting double sinks… running water .. electric toilets….it is a relief to be back on the boat again… 7 months pregnant I sill prefer to live on our unfinished 36 foot mono hull than in a house…. wind is blowing .. the boat is rocking.. the halyards are slapping…. the ropes are squeaking the boat is jerking but it is still better than a house…..
Khai seems happy to have ‘his boat’ back… and has taken to fishing…. life on the ocean seems the only sensible option in my view… suburbia is just too scary to contemplate.. 


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