Posted by: World Wide Open Mind | 08/10/2010

People & Joys


Our Kwela

As I have started this blog today it has opened up the beautiful thoughts of the joys of this ‘gypsy’ like life I feel I am on.. it has brought about something that I feel we would not have gained otherwise.. on the marina we all have common interests.. we all somehow revolve around boats to some degree or another … this is a broad spectrum as anyone on the marina can tell you .. you have fishermen.. weekend getaways .. foreign cruisers .. to be cruisers …. Travelers who do it by boat .. yachties and racers who just want performance… So many types of people and interests .. We I would say are.. mmmm adventurers at heart wanting to be out of the rat race and travellers who want to take their home around with them – to be cruisers..
The most amazing thing of it all is that we somehow are drawn together .. usually around the common braai area .. on a beautiful day.. we talk and exchange .. we are exposed to people we would not usually expose ourselves to .. I love this.. Im not saying I want to be everyone’s long lasting bosom buddy but it is wonderful to be exposed to the diversities and personalities you would not usually associate with..

The most amazing thing that I find is meeting people who have the same basic views on what sailing is about.. exchanging ideas .. cruising is not a cut and dry thing .. no one way is the way .. it is amazing to learn and gather the information that allows us to build our adventure .. our story .. What I love most at the yacht club is watching the children.. I love the healthy aspect of this life.. most of the girls are not wearing make-up .. this lifestyle seems to offer something in terms of allowing kids to be kids for a little while longer…

I can not say I know for we have only just begun our journey and have yet to sail off .. but I know that although at times frustrating and many feeling of apprehension about who we are going to make it all work .. earn money .. home schooling.. it is a lifestyle far more rich than any suburban life with its R50 000 salary check can offer..
I am so excited to be on this journey and pre-pairing to sail the world and teach my kids what real life is about…

One of the really joys for us have been meeting the Iza bunch.. Khai and little Nina have built a relationship that warms our hearts.. it is lovely to see live- aboard kids exploring the world around them..


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