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Back to School – Home Schooling on Boats

It’s back to school time, a season of excitement and stress for parents and children alike. For some children, however, school isn’t a production-line affair conducted en masse.  For sailing children, school is interesting, exciting, and absorbing; it is connected to real life and fills the world around them. These children, learning aboard their floating homes, enjoy the kind of rounded, relevant education that many of their peers can only dream of. Parents contemplating bringing their families to sea for a portion of their schooling years have no reason to delay the family adventure of a lifetime. Home schooling on a boat isn’t always easy, but it needn’t be difficult or stressful. With good preparation and an open mind – the same qualities needed for cruising – you can give your child a solid education, not to mention lasting impressions they will carry for a lifetime. The world is your classroom! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how exactly does that alluring thought become reality? How can you channel the world around you into a focused educational force that helps to develop your child’s literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving skills? How do you fit it all into a day of three hour watches, sail changes, and meal preparation, all on a rocking platform about 40 feet long?…….read more  Extract from

As I get into our education blog and researching for education for our kids I am getting restless to get out there… ah money money .. and time to get the boat done.. most of all …. I have started a book called Must Have by Geoffrey Miller topics he brings up hold many thoughts I live with day to day .. and the more I think about these things the more I want to get my kids into ‘real’ life… the ‘real’ world… well at least what I consider real…

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World Wide Open Mind

For family missions follow World Wide Open Mind  until we get on again with Kwela…

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The Mind Is Willing..

The Mind is Willing… Getting Kwela sorted is never far from our mind nor the talk on our lips.. We would love to leave the following December – 2013.. I really hope we can make it! Most weekends we are down at the boat but it is not an easy task getting anything done. Khai loves to fish and is doing well … and so .. needs the fish unhooked from time to time, like every 20 min.. He is 4 and can do everything in regard to his fishing missions except unhook is fish.. Arix our 11 week old boy is a ‘pick-me-up’ child .. and I guess we could not expect much less from a baby baby. So in between the breastfeeding and the fish freeing we are trying to do what we can to continue forward in our quest to set sail into the deep blue to discover and explore the world beyond Simonstown. Although we have done so much on our little Kwela there is so much more to do.. The tasks on the table at the moment are: Finishing electrics.. I have built a complete new electric panel fuses and all but have still to solder most of the wires to the back of the board. I would like to add some extra lights in the main saloon or lounge and kitchen areaaccept my apology and excuse my terminology to any true blue sailors out there who take offense to my lack of yachtie terminology… for we are not yachies but discoverers who wish to use the wind to find distant shores and see the world. I find myself more comfortable with the terms that do not hold to traditions – and there are still many electric instruments to be wired as well as pumps. I have been trying to connect a shower and sink electric-pump but with the help from Derek from Yacht Coracle have decided to simply install a manual pump. Sometimes you can not see the wood for the trees.. it is always good to share your thoughts and frustrations .. so often we get caught up in a tight mind space and need a little help to get out of the box. Nico has been on a mission to finish off the engine room and sound proof it. It is amazing how slowly things get done now that we have 2 kids on-board. We have had to resign ourselves to the fact that we can just do what we can do.. and not put pressure on ourselves as we do not want this exciting preparation to become the bane of our lives, we have also decided that we will make the mission to get at least one surf in a weekend so that we can all be at some kind of a level by the time we leave.. surf in winter and kite in summer .. we will just have to go when we are ready.. But our max max max time frame will be 3 years from now! I guess things will get a little easier as Arix gets a bit older and can bounce around, hanging from the hatches in his jolly jumper. Nico and I often gasp and laugh at how we managed with Khai aboard Kwela in 2008. Khai was 1 years old.. we had basically stripped Kwela down.. the boat was a crazy mess.. no water, no toilet.. just rough and bare… ROUGH! Kwela was moored at Port Owen Yacht Club – our experiences of Port Owen Yacht Club will have to be expressed in a post of its own – Post to follow… If we did it then we can do it now!! So on we go pushing forward toward our dream to sail and educate our boys around the world.

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Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces


It has been a long 11 months past, waiting for our little Arix to be born… but well worth the staggering effort to pull through. Having made some changes to Kwela we feel that the worst of the work is done and the messiest! Now we begin with the final touches and finishing work. There is still so much to learn and do and time seems so short but we will get there!
Malakhai has grown up so much in the last few months and so has become a little man running around False Bay Yacht Club enjoying the environment and time with other kids.. We are allowing him to play without us watching every move with the agreement that he is always in his life jacket… this is a good habit as when we are sailing this will be a rule not to be deviated from! Khai has taken up fishing in a big way and is pretty self-reliant, only needing help to remove the countless fish he catches. The un-wavering excitement is a delight to behold. Khai has taken up surfing with great enthusiasm which delights our hearts to no end.. it is beautiful to see the joy as he rides the waves on his little board. This weekend he starts with his first official surf lesson.. STOKED! ..Next… Kite surfing.. maybe an into next summer! This summer has been a summer of the worst wind in 47 years!! eeeekkkk not really fun, even for avid kite surfing fans!! nor a great advocate for prospects of living aboard .. with the consolation of many long-term cruisers running from the Cape wind with comments of extreme distaste for the relentless weeks upon weeks of wind… It is for this reason that we have moved off of Kwela for some months as with our new little Arix – 8 weeks old – the weather conditions are too much to deal with. Work on Kwela has commenced again on weekends, we have decided not to put pressure on ourselves and we simply enjoy our weekends taking turns doing a thing here and a thing there .. it is not easy with a new-born but if we diligently apply ourselves piece by piece we will get there.. We have started to look seriously at how we plan to home school and are collecting resources and thinking hard about our views on the education systems out there and the way in which we plan to educate our sons.. it is an exciting and daunting journey that is in the beginning stages but that needs much mental preparation. You can follow our home-schooling journey on 
World Wide Open Mind  This Blog hold all our views and thoughts as well as resources and our plans unfolding as we go along.. We plan to start another blog soon that educates on matters of climate and environmental awareness.. This will be a blog inspired by Nico ,who is aClimatologist currently working at the CSIR here in Rosebank, Cape Town, to offer information on climate and environment aimed at being an educational tool for the general public backed up by a more comprehensive scientific blog for those with the mind for such things….

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We Going To Miss IZA


Time has passed and summer has come… it is nearly lime to Iza to be off… 1 Dec… don’t have the heart to tell Khai Nina is not coming back from her “holiday”… but how lucky we are to have met them and have the hope to catch up in 2 years time.. who knows…. 

That is the life of cruising …. we come .. they go … they come.. we go .. we all come and go … but the beauty of it leaves us with special times .. beautiful memories .. and the ability to meet people we would never meet in the corners of suburbia behind our curtains… between lawn mowing and window cleaning….
It has been awesome to have known them and may the oceans lead us to cross paths again… and share a wave.. or dive a reef together…

So having been off the boat for 3 months … getting double sinks… running water .. electric toilets….it is a relief to be back on the boat again… 7 months pregnant I sill prefer to live on our unfinished 36 foot mono hull than in a house…. wind is blowing .. the boat is rocking.. the halyards are slapping…. the ropes are squeaking the boat is jerking but it is still better than a house…..
Khai seems happy to have ‘his boat’ back… and has taken to fishing…. life on the ocean seems the only sensible option in my view… suburbia is just too scary to contemplate.. 

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People & Joys


Our Kwela

As I have started this blog today it has opened up the beautiful thoughts of the joys of this ‘gypsy’ like life I feel I am on.. it has brought about something that I feel we would not have gained otherwise.. on the marina we all have common interests.. we all somehow revolve around boats to some degree or another … this is a broad spectrum as anyone on the marina can tell you .. you have fishermen.. weekend getaways .. foreign cruisers .. to be cruisers …. Travelers who do it by boat .. yachties and racers who just want performance… So many types of people and interests .. We I would say are.. mmmm adventurers at heart wanting to be out of the rat race and travellers who want to take their home around with them – to be cruisers..
The most amazing thing of it all is that we somehow are drawn together .. usually around the common braai area .. on a beautiful day.. we talk and exchange .. we are exposed to people we would not usually expose ourselves to .. I love this.. Im not saying I want to be everyone’s long lasting bosom buddy but it is wonderful to be exposed to the diversities and personalities you would not usually associate with..

The most amazing thing that I find is meeting people who have the same basic views on what sailing is about.. exchanging ideas .. cruising is not a cut and dry thing .. no one way is the way .. it is amazing to learn and gather the information that allows us to build our adventure .. our story .. What I love most at the yacht club is watching the children.. I love the healthy aspect of this life.. most of the girls are not wearing make-up .. this lifestyle seems to offer something in terms of allowing kids to be kids for a little while longer…

I can not say I know for we have only just begun our journey and have yet to sail off .. but I know that although at times frustrating and many feeling of apprehension about who we are going to make it all work .. earn money .. home schooling.. it is a lifestyle far more rich than any suburban life with its R50 000 salary check can offer..
I am so excited to be on this journey and pre-pairing to sail the world and teach my kids what real life is about…

One of the really joys for us have been meeting the Iza bunch.. Khai and little Nina have built a relationship that warms our hearts.. it is lovely to see live- aboard kids exploring the world around them..


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